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1. Samila beach

"Samila Beach", about 2.5 km from the fresh market (Thalat Supsin or Thalat Sot Thetsaban). This peninsula is well-known for its white sandy beach, shady pine groves, and the statue of a mermaid that is Songkhla’s symbol. East of this statue is cat and rat sculptures. This is a nice, peaceful beach to stroll along, plenty of benches can be found between casuarina trees. Many facilities such as sidewalks, pavilions havce veen added to enhance this place as the main attaraction of Songkhla. It is serviced by Hat Yai-Songkhla buses. From within the city, one can take a minibus to the beach.


2. Kao Tang Kuan 

"Kao Tang Kuan" at Samila Beach has the Sala Vihan Daeng, the royal pavilion built during the reign of King Rama V. On the hilltop is a Dvaravati chedi housing the Buddha’s relics that was built during the Nakhon Si Thammarat Empire. In October there is a festival to clad the chedi with a cloth, to pull the Buddha’s image, and to offer alms to monks. A panoramic view of the city and the Songkhla Lake can be enjoyed on the hilltop. To reach the top, take a 30 baht cable lift or climb 305 steps. The cable lift service is available daily, 08:30–18:30.

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3. Ko Yo

"Ko Yo" is a small island in the Songkhla Lake but is the important tourist attraction of Songkhla. The island, covering an area of 3,710 acres, can be reached via Tinsulanond Bridge The coastal plain is suitable for agriculture, resulting in famous fruit-growing such as a special kind of jackfruit called Jampada. Another famous product is the hand-woven fabric.


4. Sai Kaew Beach

"Sai Kaew Beach" almost three kilometer long sandy beaches, beautiful eye. Fine white sand Beach suitable for swimming shaded by pine ridge. Behind the resort is in harmony with nature as well. Most relaxing. The beautiful uncrowded, quiet and private.


5. Son On Beach

Son On Beach is situated to the northwest of Laem Samila. It is well shaded with sea pines. At the end of the peninsula stands the statue of Prince Chumphon Khet Udomsak. This peninsula is the best spot to view Ko Nu and the Songkhla Lake.

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6. Songkhla Lake 

Songkhla Lake, the only natural lake in Thailand is about 80 kilometres long and 20 to 25 km wide. It is a freshwater lake with brackish water near the mouth. There are several islands across from its mouth, the major ones include Ko Yai, Ko Si, Ko Ha, Ko Kaeo, Ko Mak, Ko Rai, and Ko Yo. Boats are available for touring the lake. The port behind the post office or the fresh market has all-day long-tailed boat services.


7. Tinsulanond Bridge

Tinsulanond Bridge spans the Songkhla Lake and is part of Hwy 408. It is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand, with two parts: the first part connects the coast of Amphoe Mueang Songkhla at Ban Nam Krachai to the southern coast of Ko Yo, this part is about 1,140 m long; the second part connects the northern shore of Ko Yo to the coast of Ban Khao Khiao, a length of 1,800 m. It was opened to traffic on 25 September 1986.


8. Tone Nga-Chang Waterfall

     The large Tone Nga Chang waterfall in Tone Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its wildlife and botany. Easy accessibility has made this waterfall very popular among tourists. Tourists can go hiking and swimming in the tropical rain forest since the water is clean all year. There is also a small pond flowing from the parking lot across a concrete bridge. The first level of the waterfall is named Tone Bah, which is a small cascade; the second level is 200 meters from the first one named Tone Pliw which is more beautiful than the first one. Below this is a big swamp filled with many small fish.

     The next level is 450 meters above the second one. It is called Tone Nga Chang, which is harder to access since there are many rocks and the way is more dangerous. The name comes from the water that flows into two parts just like the shape of an ivory tusk (Nga Chang) and the middle part is in black color just like the head of an elephant. The word “tone” is a southern dialect word meaning waterfall.

     The most beautiful point of the Tone Nga Chang waterfall is across the stream along the stone plate. The current is quite strong so caution is needed. From the Tone Nga Chang, visitors can see views of the tropical rain forest. Most of tourists usually stop here since the higher layer is very dangerous and harder to access but also worth seeing. The fourth level is around 700 meters from the third one, named Tone Dum. The fifth is around one kilometer from the fourth one, this level is called Tone Nam Ploi, and 1,300 meters from this is the sixth called Tone Luesri Koi Bor. The last layer is called Tone Mhen Choon which is 1,650 meters from the sixth one. There is accommodation and also camping but tourists will have to pitch their own tents.


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9. Hatyai Municality Park

The place to relax

     Hatyai Municality Park is a combination of forest and zoo The park is situated at Kanchanawanich road, Amphur Hatyai, Songkla and is part of the Kor Hong mountain. It is 1,462.40 square kilometers with many shady trees and colorful flowers.

     The area inside the park is divided orderly such as the bird garden which imitates a big bird cage with many large trees. There is also an area of reservoir surrounded by beautiful fountains and a pavilion at the edge. This pavilion is a nice relaxing place for parents while watching their children playing in the playground nearby. There are also water cycles for visitors which is good for exercising and relaxing.

     Visitors can also stop to worship nearby Quan Yin. This Quan Yin is enshrined at the top of the mountain in this park and worshipped by the local people and many tourists. The sculpture of the eight masters is also another place where people usually come to worship. It is situated in the 8-square-hall not far from the Quan Yin. Here the sculptures are enshrined in each corner with a description underneath. Tao Mahaprom Pavillion is another interesting place to go worship. At this pavilion, visitors can see the scenery of the whole of Hat Yai which is particularly beautiful at twilight time.

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10. Kho Hong Mountain Sea Mist

     Many people may not know that. Hat Yai has a sea of mist. You can watch the view of Haad Yai fog at the top of the neck of the swan early in the morning. The haze of the Hat has a beautiful view is not lost to any other anyway. To walk to the fog sea view on the top of the swan neck. It takes only 20 minutes from downtown to breathe fresh air and 360 degree fog.

Tip: Should take the camera to store a wide angle. Then you have a view that can see the city of Hat Yai.

     In addition, during the fog began to fade. You can also go to worship. The Great Buddha. Which is enshrined on the top of the swan neck. In the Hat Yai Municipal Park, near Songkhla.

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